Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pomegranate and grape-seed conditioner

A few months ago when I was searching for shampoos I picked up a pomegranate and grape-seed conditioner made by the Balsam label. When I brought it home I left it on a table and it disappeared.

The other day my very greasy Derma conditioner ran out and I scoured around desperately for a substitute. Behold, there was the pomegranate conditioner sitting in a basket, untouched. I wasn't sure because my experience of pomegranates has been mixed. My suspicion is that the juice is low-salicylate but it's often difficult to eat the fruit and avoid the pulp, which is likely to be high-salicylate. Similarly with grape seeds. Green grapes seem pretty harmless but what about the seeds? So it might all depend whether the pomegranate is pressed and strained or crushed.

I'm pleased to report the conditioner seems to work well. It may be because my tolerance level is still quite high, although not as high as it was over Christmas. My other half has decided to keep testing me and last night she fed me chicken pieces that seemed to be laced in garlic. My skin had flared up nicely by the time I went to bed but I was pleased to see it had calmed down again by the time I got up this morning. And, as I say, the conditioner did it no harm when I had a shower.

No doubt Tesco's will have already ceased to stock this particular conditioner.



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