Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Wine and fruit juice

 The improvement that started before Christmas after I contracted a cold seems to be carrying on past the virus and past the New Year. I went to a function at the weekend and secreted a mini-bottle of Jack Daniels on me, just in case. However wine was laid on by our hosts so I thought why not? I drank quite a lot of white wine, enjoyed the party more and felt better for it the next day. The cure is not total by any means although I do wonder whether the rash on my tummy has gone for good. I've still got a blocked nose. It could be the after effects of the cold although I don't think it's viral. It's more like the blocked nose I've lived with for the past couple of years. If I eat something dodgy, then my tongue starts to tingle and my left eye is starting to feel sore.

Nevertheless I get the impression that my level of tolerance has improved quite a lot. So I've been going back to the lists the dietician gave me. I haven't consulted them for a long time. And there was always a problem of the contradictions between her first and the second lists. The first list said carrot and cauliflower were okay. The second said they have "moderate" amounts of salicylate. I've kept on with carrot and cauliflower over the time and even added spinach, forgetting it was not on the list.

The second list divided salicylates into high, moderate and negligible. Curiously the "negligible" list included squashes and fizzy drinks apart from Cola (which contains caffeine). That never seemed to work and I've avoid soft drinks until now.

It seems that this year I can continue to experiment with the moderate list. It may be the result of several weeks of largely home-prepared food and a reasonable amount of fish in the diet. And if I can drink wine, what about grape juice and apple juice? 2009 promises to be exciting!


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