Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fish today

 I've eaten fish all day. I opened a tin of sardines at breakfast and ate one as a brunch. I had a salmon dinner and then when I got home finished the sardines as a snack. It seems to be working. I was getting worried that the ache in my left eye was returning yesterday - but it's almost okay tonight.



Anonymous said...

Did nobody tell you yet about Cromoglicic Acid?

Its an extract from a plant which protects against allergies and sensitivities like salicylate sensitivity.

Ask your doctor for it.

You'll need Cromolyn which is against food-allergies.

You also have Cromoglicic Acid in forms against Asthma.

It works wonders for me.

Anonymous said...

Also known as Gastrocrom or NAlcrom.

Anonymous said...

You can also make a creme.

You have to do this youself as a Cromoglicic-Acid-cream is still in testing phase.

Take 100 gram of any cream you like and mix that with 1 bottle of Nasal spray. The spray is named Rynacrom or Nasalcrom.

Aplly daily and /or on skin where you hav an itch.

Anonymous said...

The Nasal spray is sold over the counter for $10-$15.

So no prescription needed.

The homemade-cream has been working for some people for various skin-problems.