Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Honey, quorn, double chocolate and ginger

 Over the last week the assaults on my newly acquired stability have increased.

First my other half served a plate of gammon. I thought the gravy was rather sweet and gently inquired. "Honey" was the reply. Yes, not a term of endearment but the contents of the sauce. "Oh I thought it was okay". In fact the lists say honey is high in salicylate. It's not obvious way - something to do with it being concentrated plant matter, no doubt. So that screwed me up for a start.

The next day  a delicious chicken sauce was served. Sadly it was not chicken, it was quorn as we had some left over from catering for a vegetarian over Christmas. I have no idea whether quorn is meant to contain salicylate or not. However as it is made from mushrooms (or edible fungus) and it is probably grown in compost rather than grass, the chances seem high. Certainly my body thought so - as I went rushing to the toilet.

In spite of some inner turbulence and some tingling of the tongue,  my skin remained largely clear - until at the weekend I indulged in some double chocolate gateau. It was too tasty to refuse.

Then today I was offered a chocolate sandwich biscuit. I bit into it and tasted ginger. I had to finish the biscuit even though my throat was getting sore and I was getting hoarse.

Tonight the rash is back on my tummy and I have taken a singulair. It's instructive that I started the New Year clear and healthy - but staying that way is proving hard. I must avoid chocolate.


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