Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In praise of fish...and stilton

 I was chatting to somebody the other day and they were talking about the difference between meat markets and fish markets. The one rowdy and high adrenaline, the other calm peaceful and rational. I don't know if it's true, I've never hung around city centre meat markets, but I am feeling an advantage in eating a lot of fish. Giving up coffee left me feeling demented, the loss of that edge that helps you remember an unexpected fact. I've gone from being good at quizzes to lousy. I'm told that nicotine gives the same sort of buzz. Fish isn't quite the same - it's more a feeling of the brain working at full efficiency, to the limit of its abilities. It's bizarre but I swear there's a difference. Tonight we had lamb chop so iy maay noy ne so ....

As for stilton cheese, I knew somebody who died unexpectedly. He was incredibly fit and did not smoke. The only vice anybody could think of was a fondness for cheese. Part of the problem with plain Cheddar cheese is that you want to eat lots of it to get the taste. It may not be very healthy in large quantities. Stilton is full of taste. You can have a small slice and your mouth and your palate are sated. Much better!


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