Friday, October 10, 2008

Cashew nuts

This week I was getting bored with fish and upped my intake of omega 6. Last weekend I had a lasagne with mince and then roast lamb. Then during the week I bought a couple of packets of cashew nuts. These are theoretically the only nuts I can eat as they are zero-salicylate. I desperately fancied a change of taste. However they are rich in omega 6 which reacts with any traces of salicylate. And that must have been  the problem.

For although I think I've been eating a low-salicylate diet maybe it is not zero salicylate. Things like chocolate, decaf coffee and maybe hot chocolate probably contain traces. So by today my arms and torso are quite blistered with red spots. I took my first Singulair for ages today but it seemed to have little effect. I was travelling so I bought a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. It was Ginsters and seemed to have quite a lot of pepper which did not help.

So back to a low omega 6 diet I think - plenty of fish and not much meat. Combining it with a low-salicylate diet seems to work best.


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