Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Chocolate cake and coffee

I love chocolate cake and it's the only cake I can eat with any taste. The other day a friend made a cake which was delicious - or so I'm told. I didn't eat it because she revealed it had been made with real coffee. So we've borrowed the recipe and plan to make the same cake with decaf coffee.

Then yesterday I went to a coffee shop with some business acquaintances and ordered a slice of chocolate cake. it was dark and tasty. The meeting went well. In fact I was astonished at my retention of detail - I was almost  hyper in fact.

So that set me thinking. How many commercial chocolate cake and gateau preparations use coffee? Of course a good rule is always not to eat commercial preparations - but life is not like that. I cannot live in a bubble. Perhaps I should stick to home-made chocolate cake however.

It also sparked a second though. How much I miss caffeine. Yes, I over-indulged in it before realising the harm it caused. But it's a good brain drug and there are occasions when the brain just does not spark, those blank moments when obvious facts and phrases can't be summoned up. In fact I'm worryingly and increasingly absent-minded. I went away for a few days recently and came back without half my luggage - a coat on the train, a towel in a bathroom, that sort of thing.

I wonder whether if everything else was salicylate free and if my diet was low in omega 6, ie fish rather than meat, I could occasionally have a dose of caffeine just when I need my brain to spark...


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