Friday, October 03, 2008


I woke up today with eczema on my arms and my eyes failing. No obvious suspects but I hadn't taken a pill for days so I took a tablet of singulair.

Thinking it through, the prime suspect is the decaffeinated coffee that is found in some of the machines. It is very strong and comes out of sachets. In fact I had a cup this morning and my eyes blurred even more. I put on my glasses, which I very rarely use, and still could not read the small print. And the ache in my left eye that was there a couple of years ago has returned.

As for the rest, my left side is nearly better almost three weeks after the Chinese meal. There's still a slight stiffness in the hip - but I hardly notice it. I think it's the hip rather than the gut. If it's still there in a few weeks time I suppose I will have to go to the doctor.


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