Friday, October 24, 2008

At the doctor's

 I went to the GP and started telling him about the Chinese meal that kicked off the recent problems. I said I thought it was an allergic reaction.
"What did you eat that you were allergic to?"
"Most of it probably, it's hard to tell with a catered meal, with salicylates."
"What makes you think it was salicylates? How do you know?"
"That was what Dr ... said, the consultant at the hospital you sent me to."
Up come the electronic records and he finds the letter from the consultant, setting out the problem and the prescription.
"Well you'd better avoid salicylates in that case."
It is the same every visit to the GP and they are starting to stack up. They only want to give you a few minutes - yet their notes do not tell them the first thing they need to know when you walk into the room. Last time he asked how my asthma was.
I am wondering whether there is some private specialist somewhere I should go to who can provide genuine care and advice.


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