Tuesday, September 05, 2006

An organic health bar

I found something else I purchased several weeks ago from the "free from" section. This was a pack of wheat free breakfast bars. Normally these things are made from whole grain and are an incredibly healthy snack, especially for people who skip meals.

These bars are made from nuts and seeds and cranberry and are delicious. So I had one for a late night snack last night. Bear in mind, my lips were still quite bruised from Sunday's gateau - bruised is probably the best way the to describe the way they went. Well some 24 hours later there' s still tingling and a sort of swelling around the throat and tongue. Cranberries are of course a red fruit. So it's either the cranberries or something that was used to glaze the spare ribs my wife brought home last night. I'm going to finish those bars regardless.

There's getting to be too much I can't eat. And it's odd the way tomatoes seemed to kick in as a problem some weeks after the problems started. I've been unable to find any references to underlying illnesses on the Net, my substitute doctor - but who knows.

Eight days to the hospital appointment.

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