Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On the road

I've been on the road for a couple of days and this poses a whole new set of challenges.

I thought I would grab a motorway meal before arriving at my destination on Sunday. When I looked at the choice I thought a chicken curry would provide a safe alternative. Rashly I ignored the redness of the sauce as I ordered my chicken tikka massala. Of course a curry conceals the effects in the mouth and the throat - but when these lingered for the rest of the day, I realised I had made a mistake.

I was chatting to someone yesterday and he confirmed for me that tikka massala has a tomato base.

Then I went for a meal with some people at an Italian restaurant. As I appear to be allergic to all Italian food that was going to be challenging.

The menu was diverse and I had an avocado and seafood salad and a lamb dish. I had to drink carrot juice and resist the wine. I thought I was safe and took an extra anti-histamine beforehand to ensure.

But it was also clear these people like their tomato and I had to remove sliced tomato from the salad. Maybe that explains the bad night I had - or maybe it was the large glass of wine I accepted at the end of the evening.

I've also become concerned about the levocetirizine. I've gone from sleeping excessively deeply to sleeping lightly, yet it doesn't seem to prevent occasional and unwanted episodes of severe drowsiness. Today I reverted to one of my pharmacy tables. I wonder if I can mix and match. I will have to take a levocetirizine tomorrow when I am driving home.

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