Saturday, September 23, 2006

First spag bol fatality

The first known death from tomato allergy was apparently less than two years ago when Raya French, aged 37, from Kent, UK, died after opening a tin of spag bol.

It makes you pause for thought. When I first suffered mouth problems I didn't for a minute suspect tomato nor did my GP. I've had a letter from the consultant now and he clearly thinks tomato is the main suspect. I still think wheat is also a factor for me - and I carried on consuming tomotoes and tomato sauce for some time after going to see the doctor. It is as if tomato kicked in as the worst problem a bit later - and it does seem pretty lethal.

Some speculation: what if something has happened recently to make common foods, like tomato, lethal? Genetic modification perhaps? It's still far-fetched but I, for one, am going to bear it in mind.

How do I know wheat is still a problem? My wife cooked a rice and mince concoction the other day and was quite convinced it was okay. Once I had removed the hot dogs I though so too - largely because I was sure she said she used wheat-free gravy. So it was little surprising that symptoms began. But then she admitted to using Oxo - first listed ingredient...wheat flour.

Either way I'm definitely allergic to Italian food.

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