Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lapses of taste

A few weeks ago I purchased a gluten-free pot noodle - actually Mexican rice rather than noodle. I got it out for lunch on Friday and then realised it contained tomato. What the heck, I thought, I'm not wasting it and consumed it. So that afternoon my lips swelled etcetera.

By Sunday lunchtime, today, the symptoms had gone and my wife put a chocolate gateau on the table. Well, by now it's clear tomato is a problem so maybe it was always tomato rather than wheat. And I have not eaten chocolate gateau for ages. In fact I really miss it. So I had one slice and then a second. It was delicious, the most delicious thing I have eaten for months, although I could have done with cream and ice cream with it. My wife had purchased an artificial cream made of vegetable fat so I passed on that.

So my lips swelled this afternoon and my throat thickened and other symptoms showed themselves and now my tongue is starting to numb. So apparently I am allergic to Italian food, both wheat and tomato, spag bol and pizza. I wonder what the doctors will make of that.

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