Thursday, March 05, 2009

Scrap charges!

 I'm with the British Medical Association tonight! The BMA wants all charges for NHS prescriptions to be scrapped. Hear, hear! Apparently I'm one of just 11 per cent of English patients who have to pay for their pills - and noone in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland pays. My crime? I have the wrong illness and I work for a living.

My pills this week cost me £7.10, that's £7.10 for 28 Singulairs. I also paid another £4 or so for a packet of one-a-day anti-histamines off the counter.

As it happens I don't pay out too much for medicines at the moment. The Singulairs, I hope, will last several months. But imagine if I was taking one-a-day.

And early on the consultant got the GP to prescribe me an anti-histamine called levocetrizine because we were bothered that the pills were affecting my concentration. I haven't asked for it since - maybe I should as I really have to ration the use of anti-histamines - the one-a-days may be non-drowsy but they sure make me sleep deep.

Sadly the British government seems to have turned a deaf ear to the BMA and has instead slapped an extra 10p on the charges from April 1.


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