Friday, February 27, 2009

Taken for granted - part two

 Sure enough, this afternoon I ended up taking my last anti-histamine pill.

This is what happened. Last night the family member preparing our meal served up:
steak pie from a packet
sausage (one)

Hungry as I was, I declined the sausage and the broccoli but could not resist the steak pie. Then today I went to a working lunch. I had thought this event was sorted. Sandwiches are produced including a plate for me, made up of cheese and lettuce or maybe plain tuna and lettuce. It is meant to be plain tuna - no mayonnaise or sauce. Today it was half and half so I gladly ate some tuna sandwiches.

Someone had sprinkled pepper on the tuna - maybe they were trying to poison me, it was a working lunch after all. If so, they nearly succeeded. My lip swelled, my tongue swelled, my nose dripped. Then my leg started itching and at that point I dived for the anti-histamine. Sadly my montelukast ran out a couple of days ago and I am waiting for a repeat prescription. Now I feel rotten.


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