Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Hunger/ Back on the pills

Coffee was a bad idea as was drinking a Welsh cream liqueur on Friday night.

Saturday was wretched and decided me to go back on to the anti-histamines. This has seemed to help.

Found a number of websites about salicylates although many tend to repeat the same information.

This one has a useful and detailed list of the salicylate content of food.
Among its helpful revelations is that decaffeinated coffee is okay. Some of the websites said some rather disturbing things about this condition. Not sure if they can be trusted as sourcing is limited and authoritative information very patchy.

Normally I would kill myself rather than join the Saturday afternoon shopping traffic but I was so desperate and hungry I went to the shops and bought loads of bananas, some lemon and banana yoghurts (all helpfully yellow) and a carton of mango and passionfruit juice. Not sure about the juice. Both mango and passionfruit are okay but the lists also seem to suggest that all fruit juice is dodgy, presumably because it is so concentrated.

I've dropped a collar size so there is some gain from the pain.

The pills seem to mask minor reactions. One of my children grabbed the banana yoghurt. So much for that.

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