Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chunky chicken

We get cheap tins of chunky chicken in a white sauce from the supermarket. It makes a quick meal with rice and peas.

I'd been avoiding it because I was not sure what was in the white sauce.

I've also felt like I was getting there over the last few days, towards an allergy free life. I've been eating bananas, peeled pears and raw carrots and drinking decaffeinated coffee and hot chocolate and water. I've tried decaf tea and also redbush tea (which I adore) but am not sure about those two. I'll have to see what the dietician says. I haven't taken an antihistamine for days. I even find I don't need caffeine to stay awake.

But this chunky chicken meal really caused a reaction tonight. So I went back to look at the ingredients. Wheat? Well I'm okay with that now. It wasn't wheat. Celery, that's okay now. Then, tucked away at the end, yeast extract. Yeast extract, I ask you. That's on the proscribed list.

It's odd that the closer I get to my goal the more severe seem to be the reactions to small breaches of the diet. I was eating quite a lot of this stuff, such as apples and fruit juice, when I thought it was wheat and even when I realised it was also tomato..and then other red fruits..and then celery (which it wasn't).

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Pepper said...

going through your diary and this post made me smile. Both hubby and grandbaby have reactions to carrots. So may of the things you list as 'safe' such as fruits, cause problems for my family.

The only things that we eat safely are meats. But not shellfish.

We're taking the track of going all natural and hypoallergenic with cleaning supplies and hygiene, gathering a short list of foods that we all know we *can* eat (meat) and building from there.