Sunday, October 09, 2011


The Wormsley Pippin - raised at Downton Castle
We were in Herefordshire the home of the English apple yesterday. And by all accounts it has been a bumper season for the English apple.

We came across an apple exhibition - and not only an exhibition but a sale of rare apples.

Now the diet sheets, as I recall, specify yellow apples only and then in brackets (Golden Delicious). I've never known whether this means only the Golden Delicious has ever been tested or whether they know something about apples in general. It certainly fits with the general principle the redder the fruit, the more dangerous.

But here, at this exhibition, was a host of other yellow apples. So we bought bags of them - one bag of a large yellow cooking apple called Golden Noble. Another bag full of the Wormsley Pippin. I have eaten a Wormsley Pippin tonight and it is delicious - soft and sweet but not round enough for the supermarkets. No obvious ill-effects - maybe my throat feels a little sore. But the diet sheets say "yellow apples" - so we will be eating yellow apples all winter.

There was also a small apple called the Downton Pippin. I got some of these and tried one. Very hard and aromatic and probably not good for the digestion - but I will have to eat them now. The Dowton, like the Wormsley, is raised at a place called Downton Castle, yes, really Downton Castle (If you don't know Downton Abbey is a hit costume drama on British television).

And given the glut of apples this winter, I bitterly resent paying supermarket prices. They are on the ground everywhere you go. We are in fact planning to invest in some Golden Delicious trees. Maybe we could get some Wormsley Pippin trees? Wouldn't that be great!

* If you are in Herefordshire, you have to head for the National Trust's Berrington Hall to find the exhibition.

* I have now googled the Wormsley Pippin and sure enough it is possible to buy the trees. There is a complication - they need a partner to pollinate. The good news is that the Golden Delicious tree will do the job. I can see an orchard coming on.



Anonymous said...

Hello RAS. I think I must live near you as I, too, know Berrington Hall and its apple trees. Maybe we could have a joint Golden Delicious orchard. My salicylate allergy was started 25 years ago when I went on HRT for two weeks. It has gradually got better until I was SO stupid as to allow myself to be put on statins I didn't really need. Again two weeks was enough and I am back where I started, bugger it. I am so bored by it all and long for a glass of wine.....whisky is all very well but a nice glass of red of an evening is even better. Heyho onward and upward - perhaps in another 25 years I shall be back on the plonk, but since I am 68 it seems unlikely.

RAS said...

Have you tried the other yellow apples? So far as wine goes, the secret in my experience is to combine it with a virus - there's plenty around at the moment. See my upcoming post

Anonymous said...

Some more info about Berrington Hall here