Thursday, October 07, 2010

Good caterers!

I went to an event and gave them my dietary requirements. Yes, the caterers will do salicylate-free, I was told.

So there I am waiting for my dry  tuna and cheese sandwiches. Then I glance at the hot-dishes from which they are serving food. That looks good, I think. It looks like salmon, spinach and leek?

Sure enough it is. And everyone is eating a healthy salicylate-free meal. Now that's what I call good catering! Congratulations. (I wonder whether they got the idea from this site?)



Happy walker said...

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Canadian said...

Wow! I asked Meals on Wheels if they could cater to my diet and when I started to flesh out the details, they never got back to me. Your post will help motivate me to keep asking at restaurants even though I feel bad for making them work so much.