Friday, October 15, 2010

Elbow and fish

My left elbow is still a little sore and that's after about six weeks. I nearly got rid of it. Over five days earlier in the week I ate six meals of fish and just one of chicken and at the end the arm was just about back to normal. That shows the power of fish. Indeed the meals included a McDonalds fillet o'fish and other catered items.

Mostly it's not stiff - just a soreness which feels like stiffness. Regular readers will know most of my problems are on the left and it's quite worrying as I'm left-handed. I'm trying to make myself ambidextrous. Typing is an amidextrous activity and maybe I need to move the mouse to the right hand side - like everyone else - in order to prevent RSI on the left. Just to be clear, this problem is not at root RSI. As well as the stiffness there's a red rash  indicating that's where the salicylate reactions are concentrating at the moment.



Anonymous said...

I read your blog regularly. I am 55 yr old female and only in the past 15 months have been diagnosed with salicylate snsitivity, although it has been creeping up for over 25 years. Over that period I only knew that every so often I would have a reaction to something I ate. May I ask your age?

RAS said...

Middle-aged and grouchy! Interested to know whether you have changed your diet in recent years?

Anonymous said...

All the foods I love, or rather used to love, are memories. My taste buds died long ago. My favorite food is now cabbage and favorite flavor is pathetic is that! I am now under going desensitization to aspirin in the hope that any success will greatly expand my diet. Anything would be an improvement. I want to travel overseas and enjoy eating food again.
I enjoy your blog. I don`t know anybody else with this condition, or anybody that has heard of it, understands it or believes it. People look at me like I just landed from another planet when I describe it.