Friday, May 21, 2010

Was it the wrong tooth?

To tell the tooth, I'm not sure. I thought she was meant to take out a wisdom tooth on my lower jaw but instead she pulled it from the upper jaw. I questioned this and she said this was right. It came out fast  with a satisfying crunch. Maybe there are no wisdom teeth on the lower jaw. The problem is the ache on my lower jaw is still there.

It probably wasn't helped by my indulging in Shloer fizzy grape juice yesterday. I took a montelukast beforehand but my lower left lip has been thick and my teeth aching since. Yesterday my left eye was quite sore and itchy. It's still sore but a little better today.

No harm done. As I managed to get it on the NHS, it cost less than £30, a fraction of what I was spending last year. And it didn't take much of the dentist's time - she has a reputation for pulling wisdom teeth. You may realise that I am increasingly wondering whether my allergic-style symptoms have been aggravated by gum problems. Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

The operation seems to have solved very little. I now need to get on with sorting out my scuba diving medical and see if  the medical expert passes me to dive or not.


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Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that the ache in your lower jaw resolves itself soon, and that the wisdom tooth removal helps make you feel healthier!

Did you have to talk to the dentist about using salicylate-free medications during the procedure? If yes, was she knowledgeable about this? I may be facing back surgery and an added worry is the medications used during operations (lidocaine, etc.)

Thanks for writing!!