Thursday, October 29, 2009

Caterers and cheese

I sent through my guidelines for caterers for an event I'm attending next week. Today the caterer rings me up.

"I've made inquiries," she says, "and I can't find out anything about this allergy. What can you eat?"

I stress the answer is plain food, maybe cheese sandwiches. We're doing a finger buffet and there will be cheese and onion somethings, she says. No, finger buffet is disastrous, I say. Plain cheese sandwich will be fine. After all, all I need is something to keep me going.

In fact I amended the instructions a little before sending them through. The trouble is I don't know what to say about cheese. Plain cheese is okay - but I've been eating plain, salicylate free food for a few days now and The Ring is back. As I write, it's even itching - so I need to take a pill.

I'll take another look at the revised instructions and post them again.


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