Thursday, September 25, 2008

Upping the dose

I'm having real trouble driving. And last night I made a big mistake. I came in late and they had left me some pasta but nothing else. In the pantry were some tins of sardines in tomato sauce, which had been delivered wrongly by the supermarket. But no fish in brine. So I grabbed these, reasoning that in the past tomato sauce with fish had not been too bad.

It hasn't helped. Today the stiffness down my left side seems to come and go as does the pain in my gut.

And driving - and even getting in and out of cars - is difficult and painful. Both the knee and the hip are stiff. If it wasn't for the salicylate problem I'd take aspirin or nurofen. They are anti-inflammatories and just what you need to stop this kind of problem getting out of hand. I can't take them. So instead I took a double dose of antihistamines at lunchtime. I feel a little better and more flexible this evening - but I'm going to try to avoid driving for a few days.


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