Friday, January 19, 2007

Getting better?

I went for a meal in a Bengali restaurant as a guest of the owner a couple of days ago. He was very understanding and sought to reduce the amount of spice and herbs on everything. However even though I picked discreetly at some of the items to get at the soft meat underneath, it was by far the best and tastiest meal I've had for a long time! As the main dish he served me king prawns and produced some plain rice and nan bread. I came away feeling filled as though I'd eaten a full Bengali meal. In spite of that - no ill effects.

So the next day I was desperate for a meal and the family served up spaghetti bolognese. A plate was put out for my nephew with minimal sauce. As he did not turn up, I ate that. No immediate ill effects.

So I went to bed with a song in my heart thinking that I might have turned the corner. The "traffic light" rash on my tummy seemed almost gone too.

However during the day yesterday my throat thickened. I seemed to react to an unripe banana I was given. And today, I'm afraid, some of the other symptoms reappeared.

There is hope!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I also have a salicylate allergy diagnosed after severe chronic urticaria and anaphylaxis, as a vegetarian following a salicylate free diet I mainly live on beans and pluses. As long as I cook everything myself I don’t have a problem, however I don’t eat out as much as I’d like for fear of someone else’s mistake. Anyhow you keep safe