Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Attending functions

A difficult weekend at which I attended several functions - and indeed spent a couple of days at a conference.

Why is it that commercial caterers are simply incapable of offering a choice of a simple meals? I had a meal of duck and picked the meat out of a sauce. It was awkward to explain why I spurned all the vegetables - until I realised there were mange touts, which I think are okay. At a party the caterer went to some lengths to produce some plain chicken for me - except it was not that plain, rather peppered. And I have gone off whisky!

I think the signs are still of improvement. There were minor reactions to minor breaches although by the end of the weekend my left eye was weeping quite consistently.

Now this week I have flu along with the rest of my family. I suppose anti-histamines and paracetamols are as good a pill combination as anybody can take for flu.

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