Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Favourite meal

Baked potato, omelette and bacon cooked in rape seed oil.
Satisfying, filling and absolutely no side effects.

Today I was at a function and had a stew like concoction with meat, carrots and potato slices. The (clear) gravy tasted oddly sweet and fruity and I'm pretty certain it was a tomato based sauce. Certainly judging by the ill effects. It was that or chicken tikka massala or a vegetarian dish with crumble topping. Took three antihistamines when I got home, one after the other as the problems kicked in. That's my limit for 24 hours.

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pf said...

Looking back I can see why this meal had "absolutely no side effects". It is quite low in salicylate except for the potato skin, which I would have eaten at the time.

I wrote this when I thought the problem was gluten++. This would still be a pretty tasty meal but is not very balanced and I haven't eaten it for a while. I'd probably have it with celery or raw carrots now. Must try it again..