Sunday, October 15, 2006

The common cold

Earlier I wondered what would happen when I got a cold.

After all, the daily antihistamine is also a basic cold remedy.

Now I can answer the question, I think. For the Aswan Dam burst and the Nile flowed forth for five days - or so it seemed.

Of course it may not have been a cold. It came on fast on Tuesday night following the meal in which I was fed tomato juice disguised as a casserole. So it might have been an odd kind of hay fever. It was certainly different from any kind of cold I've had before and at the time it started I upped the dose of antihistamines to try to counteract the dose of tomato I'd been fed. However it's not the hay fever time of year and seems an odd reaction to a tomato casserole.

Normally a cold is somewhat of a battle and normally I, for one, start off with flu-like symptoms, aches and pains and general misery, before succumbing. This one came on fast and furious without warning. I did some more investigations on the web for clues. Nobody seems to have much to say about this phenomenon - except that there are a number of useful explanations of the difference between a cold and hay fever to be found.

Certainly I had a sore eye for a couple of days. A sign of hay fever. Against that, it is the season for colds and in fact my son seems to have caught it from me. Perhaps it was a combination of both - and a cold is a kind of allergic reaction to a harmless virus - or perhaps the antihistamines served to speed up the process. Five days later it feels like it's on the way out, thankfully.

One month after my blood tests, still no sign of any results arriving.

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