Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A MacDonald's salad

Today, as we were travelling, we ate at MacDonald's and I had a chicken salad. My son ate the cherry tomatoes, picking them out himself by hand. See, I am being very careful now. The sauce was balsamic vinegar, entirely free of commercial thickeners that may contain wheat.

I had a fruit jelly for pudding, 99 per cent real fruit and strawberry flavour.

During the afternoon the tingling of the lips and numbing of the tongue returned. Yet my meal was wheat and tomato free. Perhaps strawberries are also a problem. Perhaps all red fruit is - after all tomatoes are a fruit. And I have been getting some strange hangovers from red wine - but that could be the effect of combining alcohol and anti-histamines.

Maybe it will turn out that wheat is not a problem at all. But if tomatoes are, I still won't be able to eat spag bol and pizza. Oh, no!

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