Thursday, August 31, 2006

Almost symptom free

No anti-histamine today and minimal symptoms. I had the same lunch as yesterday but left out the blackcurrant squash. Very mild tingling of the lips tonight. We had shepherd's pie, green beans and gluten-free plum crumble. But too much coffee today and no biscuits to absorb it. Now I can take an aspirin tonight and try to get rid of this stiff back. I may need something to help me sleep without "non drowsy" anti-histamine in the system.

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pf said...

Written with unconscous irony.

When I saw the consultant he asked about aspirin. Aspirin, as it's made from the willow tree, salycic acid, can apparently cause a nasty allergy-like reaction.

I assured him I had taken aspirin when I first experienced serious symptoms but forgot about this occasion with backache. How quickly one forgets!

So aspirin was ruled out as a factor at that stage - but I cannot take aspirin now.