Friday, September 23, 2011

A cold

I have gone down with a stinking, stonking, horrendous, wonderful cold - probably the worst cold I've had in five years.

For the last 24 hours I've been indulging in redbush tea. I ate a cream muffin with strawberry jam. I tried red grapes. My skin is fine, my throat is not but that is probably the cold virus.

I was going to indulge in wine tonight - but it is a real cold and is playing havoc with my tastebuds and appetite. So I haven't really enjoyed the redbush tea (it is rather old and may just be stale). All being well, thanks to a hyperactivated immune system it should be gone tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Hi, found your blog while searching "tomato sensitivity" and was surprised to see it linked with aspirin. I've had eczema and rashes that seem to be linked to tomatoes, but my mother has always told me that she is allergic to aspirin, so I've never tried it. Where would you recommend I start on your blog and what reading would you recommend.
Thank you! DN

RAS said...

Hi anonymous, I suggest if you want to follow my journey start here in about November 2006 when the problem was first identified! Wikipedia is a good source of information but it's not all linked coherently. Good luck! RAS

Evelyn Chua said...

You can drink wine? Wine is packed with salicylates!

RAS said...

Only in some circumstances. I find if I have a cold it dampens the immune system so I can tolerate some wine. The wine in turn gets the immune system going and gets shot of the cold! So it's a double whammy