Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wasp sting

After five years of avoiding them, a wasp got me on the head today. I was at an event so went to the First Aid tent to see if they had any anthisan. They didn't so they stuck an icepack on my head and kept me under observation.

When I got home an hour later I took a montelukast and an antihistamine tablet. I wasn't going to die from it - but a flush had spread across my face, my lips were tingling - as was the back of my hand where the C  made a faint reappearance.

It could have been worse - it could have been a jellyfish.  I've been on holiday and meant to report. I took montelukast daily when I was on holiday - and enjoyed the occasional wine and other dishes that were not strictly "allowed".  And there was plenty of sea and sunshine. I came back and stopped the daily pills and a week later, even prior to the wasp sting, I felt as if I was going down hill fast. Was it the pills - or the sea and sun?



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Michelle said...

So... am I to understand that bee venom has salicylic acid or something in it? Are you allergic to bugs in general (I am. In a really, really annoying, but not hospital-worthy way), or certain ones? Or certain venoms?

I have an amines blog and am trying to expand my knowledge about amines and related chemicals to figure out my own problems as well as hopefully help others.

Do you know exactly what your problem/allergy is?

Here's my blog... I hope it helps you, and maybe you can help me, too! If you see any information I could use that I'm missing, I'd love to add it.

Best to you.

RAS said...

Hi Michelle, I have no knowledge that bee venom has salicylate in it! I think my reactions to insects have varied - fleas seem to be a big problem. The issue was that I had avoided problems with bees and wasps for five years so did not know what the effect would be.
There was some reaction to the wasp a little more than expected - but it was far from life-threatening!Several people have suggested the issue might be more than salicylate. Don't have much to go on.