Friday, May 13, 2011

Trying blue cheese

Some blue cheese appeared in our fridge. I used to eat a lot as it seemed like the only thing food I could eat with any taste.

Then The Splodge appeared on my chest. A dose of penicillin for a tooth infection led The Splodge to grow, covering much of my chest - and that led me to discover that the blue bits in Stilton cheese are actually penicillin. So blue cheese had to be abandoned and the  Splodge became Australia before finally being burnt off by the sun during our holiday last year.

With The Splodge well and truly gone I thought I might be safe to try a little cheese. Well The Splodge has not reappeared on my chest. But a red, scabby rash about the size of a finger-nail has appeared on my tummy. It could be a coincidence but I don't think I will risk it. No more blue cheese for a while, I think.



An Intolerant Nutritionist said...

It sounds like you have an amine allergy as well as salicylate. I have intolerances to both of these among other things - see my blog.

Anonymous said...

Blue cheese has salicylates. Why don`t you google to check on the salicylate content of foods before you eat them?

RAS said...

Hi anonymous. I think it's a myth that cheese has salicylates. I'm not googling my diet as I have had multiple sheets from my qualified NHS dietician all slightly different. That's one of the problems - there is no definitive list. RAS

Anonymous said...

That is indeed the problem. When I first went to the GP with problems, he diagnosed salicylate sensitivity and then told me to look it up on the internet! Which web site and which experts version of the problem, I don`t know. He is now my EX GP for giving such stupid advice!

An Intolerant Nutritionist said...

Generally the only resource I need

Michelle said...

I found that I have troubles with many foods. I have a wicked allergy to amines. So it's nice to see your site - it reminds me that there's other people out there with the same (or similarly baffling) problems as me. Though I'm sorry about that rash! That doesn't look like fun!

I wanted to let you know about the low amine recipe blog I've started ( I'm hoping it will become an important tool for people with amine problems. I'm hoping that it, like your site, will become a helpful resource for people with amine problems.

It's baffling to me that amines can cause such a wide variety of problems. Because of this, I'm certain that amine sites need to link to each other and become a nurturing community of resources. The final stamp on that was that when I got diagnosed, I couldn't find any resources that were helpful to me. I'm hoping with a bit of blogging and networking, that won't happen to other people that discover they have this problem.

Hope all is well with you, and I hope my recipes help! There are only a few up so far, but subscribe - I'll be adding more daily.

-Michelle Ferris

RAS said...

Hi Michelle
Love the blog. The recipes look mouth-watering.