Saturday, March 05, 2011

Cheap bananas

A few weeks ago I bought a big bag of market-price bananas from Tesco's. If you're lucky with these bananas they are edible. If you're unlucky they go off fast or fail to ripen properly. For a few pence, it's hit and miss.

These were large bananas and apparently just about ripe and at first quite edible. We put them in the fridge, where the skin turned brown but the inside stayed white.

Usable bananas are usually quite expensive and that's put me off experimenting with them. This was different. As time went by the flavour changed - they began to taste like the banana you get in tinned fruit salad, so far as I can recall tinned fruit salad. Not especially pleasant to eat raw.

I've tried cooking with bananas before. This time I fried up a mix of banana, golden delicious and tuna, with a little cabbage - then adding soy sauce for more flavour. I ate it with spaghetti. It was delicious, and, surprisingly, it tasted like curry. So maybe it would be even better with rice. I wonder how I can make it even more like curry. There is still the outstanding mystery of why tandoori appears on the diet list.

I used one for a banana split meal - with ice cream and cream. You could add chocolate sauce as well, I suppose.

After nearly two weeks, we used the last few bananas to make banana cake. Delicious and it lasted for a long time.

Now I wonder about fruit salad. I could make it with banana, golden delicious apple and green grapes. But I wonder where the juice would come from. Commercial salads often use a syrup - but the better quality ones use a fruit juice. Does anyone know how you could make a juice? I am thinking of a fruit salad with ice cream and cream. I am thinking and salivating.



Anonymous said...

My mum used to make a simple syrup of sugar and water, and let the fruit soaking in it do the rest. Or you could maybe blend some safe fruit to add to it.

Elaine said...

My boyfriend, who also has a severe salicylate allergy, has a very limited diet. Thankfully, most things labeled "organic" he can tolerate - even pre-packaged food! This has been a great discovery, because he used to only eat bananas, beef, eggs, green salads (no dressing), and chicken. Thanks to organic foods, the variety in his diet has gotten much bigger. Can you please post a list of foods that you have found tolerable? I'm hoping to be able to expand my boyfriend's list of "okay to eat" foods even further. Thank you!

RAS said...

Hi Elaine, you've also mentioned your boyfriend drinking coffee - although caffeine is meant to be high in salicylate. Is it real or instant coffee? The key to tolerating salicylate seems to be consume omega-3 foods ie fish as it is omega-6, which would be in beef, which seems to react with the chemicals. When I found this out, it increased my tolerance levels massively. You can get a feel for my diet by following the links to recipes. As somebody else recently pointed out, sometimes the intolerance may involve more than one chemical.
Best wishes