Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Montelukast - at last!

I popped in to the doctors' at midday and there was no queue. Nor was there a repeat prescription waiting. The receptionist admitted there had been some problems with email - in fact I think they've changed the address.

However she was very helpful and printed off a repeat prescription and then went off to find a GP to sign it. So I take everything back.

I popped a pill as soon as I got home. I certainly feel better now - the eye's not so sore, the jaw's barely aching and the Splodge is hardly itching. Maybe another tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

My immunologist tells me that this is NOT a rare condition or an allergy and that desenitisizing to aspirin enables one to expand their diet greatly. Has anyone suggested this to you?

RAS said...

I don't think it's rare either but I've heard no suggestion of effective densitising treatment. And it may not be rare to specialist doctors, but caterers don't know about it, nor do British general practitioners! It's not an IGE allergy but is apparently caused by a different reaction in the body which triggers immune reactions. You can find details and links on postings here. My impression was that, provided an allergy or whatever is not life-threatening, the doctors expect you to attempt gradual reintroduction.

Well, I keep trying...!

My real concern is that I don't think it's acceptable to tolerate apparently mild inflammation and mild reactions. There is growing evidence these may have wider effects on the health of the heart and the brain, let alone on the lungs. And I can see some of that in my family history.