Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In need of wisdom

I am now wondering whether there's a problem with a wisdom tooth in my right jaw. Having cleared the wax from my ear, the hearing is fine - although there's a slight buzz. But there is still sharp pain in the ear and it is worst when I'm tired and trying to go to sleep.

There's also a dull pain at the top of the left jaw. I know my dentist told me I might need wisdom tooth removals at some point. I'm wondering whether that's now.

What could have happened is something like this: mild infection in wisdom tooth causes mild inflammation in ear; trapped wax builds up blocking ear; ear cleared but suffers some superficial damage during process; inflammation from tooth increases.

I've been rinsing the mouth with salted water and that seems to help. These things always happen when you are on holiday - but at least yesterday I gave my whole face a lengthy bath in cold salt water. That seemed to help.

So is it nothing to do with sinusitis? Not necessarily. That could have triggered and aggravated problems as there has also been discomfort in the left ear.

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