Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chocolate biscuits

We got back from holiday and I was a picture of health. We went to the west country and had quite an active time. Not much eating out although I indulged in fish and chips and ice creams. I aimed to have the local variety usually because a) it's nicer and b) in Devon and Cornwall they pack it with cream rather than vegetable fats.

I resorted to Singulair a couple of times and it seemed to work. Once was when I was bitten on the forehead by a horse fly and my face started to swell. No obvious side-effects apart from maybe some difficulty in sleeping - the reverse of anti-histamines. And the pain in my gums evaporated totally after a few days.

Unfortunately when we got home there wasn't much food in the house and quite a lot of catching up to do. So it's been a case of digging deep in the freezer and the larder. I made a spaghetti sauce last night by slicing carrots finely and adding shallots, celery and bacon - and of course soy sauce. It was a bit chunky - rather like a vegetarian meal - but otherwise rather nice.

Then I started searching for chocolate and found a half-eaten tin of Belgian biscuits. First I consumed a couple of plain biscuits and then moved on to the others - basically so far as I could tell macaroon based using almonds. So in one foul swoop I may have wiped out the good effects of the holiday.

Or maybe not. I suffered some tummy problems but my skin stayed fairly good. Tonight we reintroduced corn on the cob - no obvious problems. Who knows - a diet of sun, sea and country food may have helped me turn the corner. We shall see.

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